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OEX E-Business signed a 5PL logistics contract with Hong Kong-based DGM

On 1 July 2018, OEX E-Business signed a contract with an electronics manufacturer, Hong Kong-based DGM. This is another customer from the Asian market to which the OEX Group company will provide services related to B2B2C online sales in Europe.
OEX E-Business 06.07.2018

OEX E-Business signed a comprehensive 5PL eCommerce contract with a customer from Asia

The OEX Group company signed, in the first half of June 2018, in Taiwan, a contract for 5PL-based logistics services with GOTTA – a brand owned by WinPlex Technology LTD. GOTTA is first international customer of OEX E-Business.
OEX E-Business 21.06.2018

OEX E-Business signed a partnership agreement with LOT Cargo

On 11 June 2018 both companies signed a partnership agreement concerned with the provision of air freight services. The newly established cooperation scheme will enable the OEX Group company to effectively distribute its customers’ goods along the routes of direct connections served by LOT, especially between Europe and Asia
OEX E-Business 20.06.2018

OEX E-Business expands partnerships in Asia

On May 17, 2018 OEX E-Business signed letters of intent providing for cooperation with eCommerce logistics business partners from Singapore. Agreements with PLG – Pacific Integrated Logistics Group and UrbanFox Asia will facilitate continued growth of the company belonging to the OEX Group on Asian markets.
OEX E-Business 23.05.2018

Shareholders of OEX S.A. unanimously opt for the issuance of D-series shares

During the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company, which took place on 14th May 2018, all registered shareholders, representing 90.2% of company’s capital, voted for conduction of private subscription covering not more than 1.101.445 of D-series ordinary bearer shares. 
OEX 16.05.2018

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